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I have never been in better shape.

I have trained with Yvonne for the past 5 years and over this time she has inspired me to a new level of fitness. Yvonne pays close attention to each individual by quietly tailoring her approach to ensure you can work out safely and to your best. She is a delight to spend early mornings working out with in the best gym in the world, the Northern Beaches


Suzanne - Avalon


I am someone who has never enjoyed exercising in any shape or form. I am the true couch potato.  Due to lower back pain, my physio suggested that I try a pilates class. Since joining Body & Soul Fitnesses Pilates class with Yvonne I have changed my mind and also my flexibility. I really enjoy the classes with Yvonne (despite cursing her during class)! She knows exactly how far to push you so you get the most out of each class.  Yvonne takes into account each individuals strengths and weaknesses and tailors exercises to accommodate injuries etc.  

I would highly recommend Yvonne and Body and Soul Fitness.  She is a caring instructor with a wealth of knowledge who patently loves to share this knowledge with others.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Fenella - Terrey Hills

I have been training with Yvonne for a number of years now. I look forward to her twice weekly class with great anticipation. I love the outdoor classes where Yvonne gives us a varied and interesting workout using a variety of equipment including weights, strength balls and TRXs. 
Yvonne is always mindful of individual differences in our small group of over 50 year olds. Her knowledge of our physical strengths/weaknesses is reassuring and positive. We all feel so supported and motivated in her classes. Yvonne has an advanced knowledge of human movement and uses that knowledge to encourage everyone in her exercise classes

Judy - Mona Vale

I have been participating in Yvonne's classes for 4 years and have benefited physically and mentally. I am over 70 years of age and thoroughly enjoy all my sessions so can recommend Yvonne as a trainer who provides an endless supply of supervised exercises to accommodate any weary joints. 

Carol - Dee Why

My husband and I started training with Yvonne January this year. We joined the small group training session on Sat mornings. We love it!!! We get fit, feel healthier, have fun and all in the great outdoors you can't beat it. I would highly recommend any of Yvonne's classes.

Tracey & Tony - Mona Vale

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